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Wiser Market's algorithm-based repricing tool is a cutting-edge tool that works to optimize product pricing across marketplaces so you can grow sales and profits without the need for constant attention. 
The Repricing Tool analyzes multiple online channels continuously, to track your competitors’ pricing and automatically reprice your products, 24/7 and as often as needed.

Repricing is based on your customized preset rules, such as price range (minimum and maximum prices), profit margins, changes in shipping costs, and other sellers. The available set of rules is flexible so it reflects your brand’s strategy, as you determine whether you want to ignore, match, beat, or price above the competition, or even reprice differently against specific sellers. You devise the strategy for your markets, and our tool performs the task in real time.

Our sophisticated software also allows our clients to apply different repricing strategies in different markets and channels. Algorithmic repricing provides dramatic optimization in price management for an unlimited number of products, globally. It prevents costly mistakes, and increases the chances of customers purchasing your product – often for a better price! 

  • Provide real-time pricing information 

  • Automate your repricing strategies based on your preset rules

  • Give you a competitive edge by comparing to the competition

  • Optimize dynamic pricing 24/7 for an unlimited number of products

  • Improve profit margins

  • Save valuable time spent on pricing management

  • Grow your sales and profits